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History of North Wilkesboro Fire Department

The mission of the North Wilkesboro Fire Department is to provide fire suppression, fire prevention, and fire inspections to the town's 4500 residents and businesses as well as Hazardous Material Response and BLS Emergency Medical Service.

The North Wilkesboro Fire Department was established in early 1910. Initially there was one fire station located at 708 B Street and one hose house located in front of 204 C Street. The first apparatus consisted of 3 hand hose reels with 600 feet of 2 1/2-inch cotton rubber-lined hose each and two hand hook and ladder trucks. The first fire truck purchased by the department was an American LaFrance in December of 1926 for $12,500. This truck remained in service until April 12th, 1958.

On August 31st, 1939 the fire station relocated from its location on 708 B Street to the new Town Hall building on Main Street where operations continued until 1958.

In 1955 land was purchased from North Wilkesboro resident Bud Jones for construction of the current station at 709 9th Street. Construction was completed in 1958 at a cost of $64,255.32. On Tuesday, May 20th, 1958 at 7 PM EST all trucks and equipment moved from the Main Street station to the new station location. The new station was publicly dedicated on Sunday, September 21st, 1958 and is currently still in operation.

Today the North Wilkesboro Fire Department continues to operate out of the 709 9th Street station and proudly protects a primarily residental area of 4200 people living in an area of 5.5 square miles and holds an ISO rating of 4. The department is a combination fire department consisting of paid volunteers and 3 full time paid engineers who work 24 hours on and 48 hours off. Several members of the department are certified County First Responders, State Medical Responders or EMT level.